my morning routine.

Hi friends! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and are staying warm. I can’t believe it’s February already…although when I think about it, January felt like a REALLY long month. I have a couple of exciting things coming up for the podcast in the next couple of months, and between that, blogging, and working my 9-5, sometimes it can feel like a LOT. Anyone relate? However, I find that if I stick to my morning routine before work, I get my “me” time in before the day even starts, and begin the day on the right foot. I’m always SUPER curious about other people’s morning routines (it’s one of my favorite questions on the podcast). I thought that today I’d tell you about my morning routine! Keep in mind this doesn’t happen every single morning, but in an ideal world, this is how I love to kickstart my day.


Hi, I'm Meghan.

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