My (current) work-day makeup.

These products make getting ready in the morning quick, and always help me look (somewhat) put together.

These products make getting ready in the morning quick, and always help me look (somewhat) put together.

I've always loved beauty products.  Even thinking back to childhood, when I would score my allowance for successfully completing chores (thanks, mom!), I would use my hard-earned cash to buy a new nail polish or lip-smacker (I think we can all agree that Dr. Pepper was the best flavor, right?).

Fast forward 20 years later, and I've gone through a lot of different beauty phases over the years. From the days where I had no clue what color eyeshadow worked for me and happily purchased a bright blue shade, to doing an elaborate smoky-eye for going out in college (those days are long gone), I like to think I've settled into a happy medium in my current work-day routine.  Time is obviously precious in the morning, but I do like to spend 10-15 minutes sipping on some kombucha (a morning must-have!) and doing my makeup before making breakfast.  I wanted to share the products I'm currently using below. My daily go-to products change from time to time, especially because I've focused on subbing new eco-friendly products when I run out of something. Now let's get into the daily routine...

1. CC Cream -- Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream (Natural Glow)

I recently ran out of the other BB cream that I've been using (it lasted over a year with using it almost every day!).  I decided to try something new, so I've been using the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC cream.  If like really natural looking-skin, this is for you.  With just a touch of coverage, I'd say this is more skincare than a tint.  If anyone has recommendations for an eco base product with a little more coverage, I'm all ears.  That being said, I think this stuff is pretty good, and I'll continue to use it in the meantime.

2. Concealer -- NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (Custard) // Glossier Stretch Concealer (Medium)

With such a light base product, I've been needing use concealer afterwards for under my eyes and on any areas of redness (hello winter skin).  I love the NARS soft matte concealer. Don't let the "matte" scare you - I find this to be a nice natural finish, and I use it wherever I need a touch more coverage on my skin.  Under my eyes, I love Glossier's stretch concealer.  Again, this stuff is super light coverage, but I love that it still covers a little bit of my dark circles, while still looking natural.  Now, if I have a blemish (which let's be honest happens a lot more than I would have hoped at 26 years old), neither of these are going to cut it.  In that case, I use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-2 with a tiny eyeliner brush to pin-point conceal where I need it.  This has been in my stash for four years now - it's a little tricky to work with at first, but I LOVE it now.  Try warming it up on the back of your hand if you have any trouble.

3. Brows -- Glossier Boy Brow (Blonde)

I typically use a little bit of brow pencil (Anastasia Brow Wiz), and then use Glossier Boy Brow to quickly brush them up.  I love this stuff (it was a 2017 favorite!) because it keeps my brows in place but never looks crunchy.  No one wants a crunchy-looking brow.  And even better, this takes approximately 30 seconds to apply because it has the perfectly mini brush that I can swipe on quickly.

4. Powder -- W3LL People Bio-Brightener Invisible Powder

I've found that my makeup won't last me all day if I don't set it in the morning before work with powder.  This eco-pick is a basic loose powder, but to be honest, that's why I like it.  It doesn't make me look cakey, it sets my makeup, and it's just easy.  

5. Blush -- Kjaer Weis (Blossoming) // Bobbi Brown (Sand Pink)

I've been loving both of these blushes, especially for winter when I find that my fair complexion needs some color.  I typically pick blush over bronzer in the winter, and the Kjaer Weis is eco-friendly, and such a beautiful, rosy, natural flush.  I pat it on my cheeks (before powder), and I'm good to go. I also love the Bobbi Brown because it's a more plum-based shade, which I find fitting during the winter months.

6. Eyes -- Burberry (Gold Copper)

This is a unique product -- it's a cream, but dries immediately to a powder finish once applied.  I swipe this on in a minute flat and eyes are done.  I don't really wear much eyeshadow anymore, but this one is subtle and the perfect "no-eyeshadow eyeshadow."  Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy, I'll do a quick smudge of brown eyeliner, but that's pretty rare these days. 

7. Lashes -- L'oreal Voluminous (Black)

Since I ran out of my W3LL Bio Extreme Mascara, I didn't feel like repurchasing, so I repurchased my favorite drugstore mascara.  Get the curved brush version of this - always looks good and never smudges or flakes on me.  Love.

8. Highlighter -- Perricone MD No-Highligher Highlighter

Very very rarely (maybe if it's Friday) I put on some highlighter for work.  I've tried the RMS Living Luminizer previously, which is beautiful, but unfortunately broke me out. This product is my current favorite - it's a thin liquid that just makes you look like you have that inner glow, without being glittery or over-the-top for daytime.  Highly recommend!

Here's the finished product below.  Super natural, quick, and easy -- love it!

What are your go-to products for a work day?