My Trader Joe's STAPLES.

Me trying to be artsy with some of our weekly TJ's staples.

Me trying to be artsy with some of our weekly TJ's staples.

Hello my friends! I wanted to post tonight about a place I love so much...Trader Joe's!

I kind of feel like Trader Joe's is a way of life.  Once you know, YOU KNOW. I'd never shopped at TJ's prior to my move to Boston, but I absolutely love it now.  I find Trader Joe's to be best for staples -- I usually purchase greens/produce from Whole Foods, but I buy most of my pantry go-to's at Trader Joe's.  What I love about Trader Joe's (which may sound strange) is that there is limited variety.  I'm the kind of person who can hem and haw over food options forever before making a decision, so TJ's keeps my trips shorter and more efficient. Tonight I wanted to show you the items that make their way into our cart each and every week at Trader Joe's.

1. Trader Joe's Olive Oil Spray: Somehow so much more convenient than the big bottle of olive oil we keep on handing for baking/cooking.  I tend to use this when I'm making scrambled eggs or doing a veggie stir-fry - super quick and easy. 

2. Trader Joe's Organic Tahini (pictured above): I use this amazingness for making tahini sauce, and it is hands down the best tahini I've tried.  I always keep this on hand, and go through about one jar a week (yikes).

3. Trader Joe's Unsweetened Almond Milk & Joe's O's: My husband eats cereal every morning for breakfast, so we go through almond milk quickly over here.  This one is great because it doesn't have carrageenan or any added sugar.  We also always have 3-4 boxes of Joe's O's on hand. No I am not kidding.

4. Trader Joe's cage-free brown eggs: I eat eggs every dang morning for breakfast, so I always have these on hand.  Not much else to say about eggs!

5. Trader Joe's Organic Frozen Spinach: So easy to mix into rice or quinoa at the end of cooking.  I also use this in smoothies, or in veggie scrambles.  Super easy and no risk of it getting funky or moldy by the end of the week.

6. Trader Joe's Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV has so many health and beauty benefits, it's great stuff.  I tend to mix this into dressings and on top of roasted veggies.  I always have some on-hand.

7. Trader Joe's Organic White Qunioa & Instant Brown Rice: We make a huge batch of either quinioa or brown rice in the rice cooker (takes like 15 minutes) at the beginning of every week.  That way, we have enough on hand for lunches and dinners. These are cheap, healthy, and easy options.

8. Spindrift Seltzer: Love this Waltham-based seltzer company, especially the lemon and grapefruit flavors.  They are great to make fun cocktails, and also to just drink with lunch in the afternoon.  Super refreshing!

9. Tea Blends - TJ's has a great selection of tea- right now I'm loving the Cinnamon/Peppermint blend, as well as the Tumeric Ginger blend.  Both are great for my tummy!

10. Shredded Carrots & Organic Broccoli - We use the shredded carrots in veggie burgers and on top of salads.  I also make a big batch of roasted broccoli at the beginning of most weeks. Quick and easy!

11. Almonds - TJ's has some relatively cheap bulk nuts and seeds.  We tend to pick up raw almonds and pistachios from this section most frequently.

12. Tumeric - I wish I could have TJ's everything bagel seasoning, but alas, it has too much onion to be FODMAP friendly.  Instead, I use turmeric for spicing things up for it's awesome anti-inflammatory properties.  Now...just need to figure out how to remove the stains it makes.

13. Carrot Noodles - I pick up a lot of my frozen veggies at TJ's, but recently spotted these frozen carrot noodles in the freezer.  Love that the only ingredient is carrots (sounds silly, but SO many have onion/garlic) - I steamed some in a big pan earlier this week and loved them.

14. Organic Baby Potatoes - I roast potatoes at the beginning of every week because I love to have them on salads and alongside any protein we decide to make.  Sprinkle a little pink Himalayan sea salt on these, add some olive oil spray, and I'm good to go.

15. Sweet Potato Noodles - Similar to the carrot noodles, I tend to steam these during the weeknights to have alongside whatever protein we prep over the weekend.  I LOVE sweet potatoes and the fact they are pre-noodled (new word! heard it here first) makes these super convenient.

That's a pretty complete rundown of items we always purchase at TJ's.  This total tends to be around $60-70 each week, which still leaves room for protein which we normally purchase at Whole Foods, as well as any additional produce and specialty items such as kombucha.   My husband and I tend to make the vast majority of our meals at home, so this works for us.

I would love you hear if you have any staples or favorites at TJ's that you think are awesome - share below!  Always wanting to try new things there :).

Happy Wednesday, friends!