Hi Friends! Happy post-Thanksgiving week. I was planning to post this last week, but I ended up really just soaking in being at home with my family and some true relaxation. It. Was. Amazing. I hope you had an amazing time as well, and I want you to know how truly thankful I am that you’re here, reading along <3. Seriously, THANK YOU!


A couple of months ago, I posted about how I was feeling stuck. I truly think that everyone has periods in their life where they just aren’t feelin’ it - and that is TOTALLY ok. I truly think that taking the time to acknowledge and put the energy out into the universe that you accept where you are (with love) but need a change is the best thing that you can do when you feel this way.

You may have noticed that I’ve alluded to some changes over the past couple of months. And you also may have notice that I’ve been a little quieter on Instagram as I adjust.

Let’s take it back a little bit. A couple of months ago, I had the absolute *pleasure* of attending the Almost 30 Podcast Tour event.  That makes it sound easy though - let's back up to the day leading up to the event. It had been a long and stressful day at work, and there were SO many times that I thought about just bailing. I was going by myself. I was scared. I didn't feel like driving home and taking the T.  Let's just say that I had a LOT of excuses, but to be completely honest, I think that a lot of the excuses stemmed from fear of the powerful thing that was about to happen. I'm so grateful that despite all of these internal excuses, I still was PULLED to attend this amazing event. So I left work a little early, hopped on the T, and headed downtown.

I knew once I arrived that I was in the right place. During the event, Krista and Lindsey gave us the opportunity to sit in small groups, to really connect (face to face) and share how we were feeling stuck in our lives.  And OH MY GOODNESS, did this message/feeling hit HOME for me. This past year has been one of immense growth, but while I've been IN IT, it's been really easy for me to feel completely trapped, without a light at the end of the tunnel.  It's been easy to be like - WTF am I doing?

It was at that event that I had the incredible experience of sharing my “stuckness” with the group - and as it turns out, one incredible woman in my group decided that she would help me. By a crazy series of events, a couple weeks after the even, I actually ended up discussing possible new opportunities with her at a PR firm in Boston. I spoke openly about this blog and the podcast in my interview. I was so PROUD of what I was doing, and it felt like the perfect fit for me. I felt a noticeable shift in my energy being in a creative environment. It felt like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.

And as fate would have it, I got the job (!!!). I put in my two weeks notice about a month ago, and instantly felt an IMMENSE feeling of relief. I’m so grateful to have the chance to “start over” at something completely new and different, and something that feels much more tailored to my skill set than accounting and finance. I’m so rejuvenated to be using the creative side of my brain daily. My coworkers are incredible (seriously, I’m beyond honored to be a part of the team). The energy in the office is amazing, and I just want to soak it all up while I’m there. Part of me can’t believe it happened, but part of me knows that my inner driving force that I’ve cultivated this past year really paved my way. I’m so excited to bring you guys along with me on this journey.

With all that being said, — Here’s to new beginnings, being brave and TRYING NEW THINGS - I’ll keep you posted!



Have you ever made any major life switches? How did you take time for yourself during it all?