Some *new* recipes I've tried lately.

I’ve been trying SO many new recipes lately - including this delicious almond milk, which I posted about  here !

I’ve been trying SO many new recipes lately - including this delicious almond milk, which I posted about here!

Hi pretty people - happy Tuesday! How was your weekend this past weekend? Mine was super restful, which was 100% needed. There have been some MAJOR life changes over here lately, and I’m so exited to fill you in on them in a couple weeks. But suffice it to say - a down weekend was absolutely needed. I ended up going to the My Favorite Murder live podcast in Medford (it was NUTS! so good), and we went apple picking on Sunday! It was kind of warm so I ended up wearing shorts and a flannel.


Anyways, I wanted to update you guys on something that I’ve been spending time on over the past month. I’ve been participating in the Culinary Nutrition Expert program for the past month (and I still have a couple months to go!), which has been amazing so far. Expect an in-depth review once the course wraps up, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of the amazing recipes that I’ve been trying out. All of these recipes come from Meghan Telpner’s Undiet cookbook - I obviously won’t be sharing the recipes in detail, but I personally love looking at what people are up to in the kitchen, so I wanted to share some of the pics I’ve snapped over the past couple of weeks.

As a sidenote - our Vitamix has been the biggest life saver for this cooking course. Dan got it as a work award (HOLLA!!!) and we’ve used it SO MUCH. It’s seriously incredible. If it would ever wear out or break, I know that we would 100% repair it or get a new one. It’s that key to our weekly meal prep! Alright. Let’s get into it!


Almond Dipping Sauce: This was one of my favorite recipes that I’ve tried recently, and I will absolutely make it again in the future! The fresh ginger took the recipe for the next level, and both Dan and I could eat this sauce with a spoon. I loved how easy the prep was by using almond butter and my blender and will make this sauce for stir-fry dishes moving forward!


Veggie Spring Rolls: I was really excited to try the veggie rice wraps, because I did not have experience with rolling or assembling rice wraps. I loved the fresh ingredients in these rolls – I was able to purchase an in-season honey crisp apple, and the chopped apple completely made the recipe for me. While I do not think I would make these again in the future (just because I have quicker recipes in my arsenal), this recipe is great to have in my back pocket for entertaining!


Creamy Zucchini Hummus: If there’s anything I’ve learned in this course so far, I absolutely love homemade dips and spreads for snacks during the work week! This recipe was no exception. The only substitution I made to the recipe was using garlic-infused olive oil, as opposed to a clove of whole garlic which tends to irritate my stomach. This recipe was so easy with the help of my Vitamix blender, and was my favorite recipe I tried for the week. I can definitely see myself making this recipe in the future for snacks for both my husband and I, and any time guests come over!


Sesame Orange Crisps: The Sesame Orange Crisps were a fun recipe to try, although next time I will need to make sure that my dough does not become too sticky to roll out properly! I had never cooked with caraway seeds or orange juice in a savory cracker before, so that was exciting to try out. These are great for snacks.

We’ve also been making some hearty soups for the fall weather that we love so much! I love making a big batch on Saturday/Sunday and having it ready during the work week for lunches and dinners.

Gut-health Program: As another aside, I’ve been participating in Jenny Hanway’s 28-day gut healing program and absolutely LOVING the recipes included in the guides. I definitely feel lighter and brighter after this past month, and I will definitely be participating moving forward. The guides are SERIOUSLY amazing you guys, and the recipes are on-point. You can use code DETOXANDCHILL if you’re interested in trying it out as well!

This post was a little bit all over the place, but that’s how life feels a little bit lately ;). I’d love to hear what recipes YOU have been loving lately! Any in your arsenal that I need to try myself? Let me know in the comments below!