Wellness Wednesday - Fermented Foods & FODMAP's.


Hello again beautiful friends! Today I'm coming at you with a topic that I've recently been experimenting with and wanted to fill you in!  Again, I'm not a medical professional, but I always want to share what I'm trying and currently loving with you on the blog.

So let's talk about fermented foods (yum). For some background, probiotic-rich foods are made through the process of fermentation.  You may know that I incorporate kombucha into my daily routine, but did you know that foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir are all fermented, probiotic-rich foods that can give your gut the boost that it needs? Probiotics present in foods such as sauerkraut help to build the GOOD bacteria in your gut, which ultimately improves your overall gut-health. These foods also have significantly more probiotics than a typical probiotic supplement you can purchase at your health food store of choice (think: probiotic capsules).

It's clear that there is still a LOT of research to be done on fermented foods and probiotic-rich foods in general.  Based some of my research (aka googling) there was a 2003 report published in The Journal of Applied Environmental Microbiology demonstrated the complex ecology present in sauerkraut fermentations. These fermented foods can help decrease toxins and inflammation in your digestive tract and therefore help to reduce IBS-like symptoms. 

HOWEVER - one important point for all low-FODMAP peeps out there -- there is still very little FODMAP research on these fermented foods.  Super confusing, right? These foods that are supposed to improve gut-health and IBS symptoms actually could have high FODMAP content, which kind of defeats the point of consuming them in the first place! For example, common cabbage is low-FODMAP as a raw ingredient (1 cup serving).  However, with fermentation, cabbage becomes sauerkraut which is high in polyols mannitols.  Check out this article to learn more about fermented foods and FODMAP's.  For me personally, sauerkraut has been totally fine and another way to incorporate probiotics into my diet.  So, once again, I think this is where learning what works for YOU is SO important.  And if it works, keep doing it!

With that being said, I'm definitely going to keep incorporating kombucha and sauerkraut into my daily routine, and also potentially branch out into Miso and Tempeh.

Have you tried any fermented foods recently, or any new strategies for gut-health? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Sending love,