Five favorite things I've eaten lately.

Hello lovely friends! Today I wanted to share with you some of the favorite things I've eaten lately.  With Valentine's Day and a long holiday weekend in the mix, my eats have definitely been less focused on veggies, and more focused on chocolate.  But hey - that's life and it's all about BALANCE.  Check out my fav's below!


-The Best Shakshuka: GUYS.  Who knew such a simple combination could be so good? I was in LOVE with this recipe for how truly easy (and delicious) it was.  I ditched the onion and used a garlic-infused oil instead of minced garlic for all my fellow low-FODMAP peeps out there.  I used THIS recipe and will definitely make this again.


-Fudgy Raspberry Almond Butter Brownies: I'm not typically that excited about baking, but I find it therapeutic when I have a free afternoon on the weekend and most of the ingredients on hand already.  I tried THIS recipe (sensing a trend? Alexis's blog is amazing) and was just as impressed as the Shakshuka recipe above.  Although they are vegan, they definitely don't taste like it.  Another winner!


-Woodstock Farms Organic Sauerkraut: This might be a bit of a wildcard, but I personally don't mind the taste of sauerkraut.  I also really appreciate that it's rich in probiotics to help keep my gut-health on the right track.  I'm trying to get in ALL the probiotics I can lately! I've been throwing it on top of salads and I don't mind it at all!


- Coconut Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Macrobars: These may have an obnoxiously long name, but they're currently my favorite snack for the work week.  I love that they are relatively dense for their size (270 calories), easy to pack, and fill me up until dinner.  They have a lot of awesome flavors, but this one is my current fav.


-Almond Milk Latte: Would you believe that I've never had a latte before? If I'm drinking coffee I'm usually pretty boring - just black coffee or iced coffee.  This time I decided to be wild (note the sarcasm) and order an almond milk latte.  And my friends - it was amazing.  This will become a regular thing.  Also on my list is a matcha latte - I've never had one and now I feel like I need to try!

What's one of the best things that you've eaten or cooked lately? 

Sending love,