Thoughts on...natural deodorant!

Two of my top picks - Piper Wai and Soapwalla!

Two of my top picks - Piper Wai and Soapwalla!

Hello my friends! I’m coming at you today with a seriously important topic: my experience with a variety of natural deodorants.  Deodorant is one of the most important products to switch to non-toxic since aluminum in antiperspirant has been linked to many negative things that none of us want to ever experience. And WOW can this be a tricky area to bridge whenever you are switching from conventional products to more eco-friendly options.  I’ve tried quite a few brands at this point, so I wanted to share my experiences with you below -- I've come a long way from my cucumber Dove to this point!

Overall - I will say that if you are venturing into unchartered territory with natural deodorant brands, be prepared for some trial/error.  That's all part of the process - but maybe don't wear your silk blouse the first time you try one (speaking from experience!).  Also, let's set some expectations here: these options aren't Secret clinical defense formula (for good reason!) and you likely will need to reapply before you hit the gym. Hopefully my experiences can help you weed out some of the duds before you make a purchase. Let's get into what I've tried so far...starting from the worst and working our way up to the best/my current favorite.

1. Baxter of California Deodorant ($19)

This natural deodorant sounded wonderful in the description..."This option gets the job done with a botanical lineup: Comfrey root extract and tea tree oil calm irritation, acai extract combats free radicals, chamomile hydrates, and witch hazel tones and prevents inflammation. Plus, a citrus and herbal musk scent is a step up from your typical stick."  Sounds great, right? Well let me tell you that the "herbal musk scent" was NOT a good idea for this girl. I wouldn't recommend this product - I knew after testing for one day that the scent/lasting combo wasn't going to do the trick. It also irritated my underarms and stained a blouse.  Three strikes, you're out.  

2. La Vanilla The Healthy Deodorant (In Pure Vanilla - $14.00)

Similar to above, the La Vanilla deodorant I tried was no bueno. On the bright side, no staining with this option, but the issue here was the scent - I'm going to put it out there that this coconut/vanilla blend should not be made into a natural deodorant formula.  It was that bad after a day's wear -- I tried it once and promptly retired it.  Onto the next!

3. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (In Tea Tree - $8.99)

This natural deodorant is relatively inexpensive, and I love the fact that you can pick it up in most grocery stores.  I will say that this one worked…well for me (way better than options #1 & #2!)  They have some really fresh/interesting scents as well.  Overall, I’d say that Schmidt's is a reliable foray into the natural deodorant world -- a good bet that you'll like it but probably not going to blow your socks off.

4. Piper Wai Activated Charcoal Deodorant ($11.99)

I tried this natural deodorant over the summer.  It’s different from the rest I'm discussing here because it uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness and fight odor.  It includes ingredients such as organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E.  I enjoyed this product at first…but I do have to say that it has some downsides.  The scent is very herbal, and the dark color (from the charcoal) tends to stain my white clothes.  I did find it kept me drier than the Schmidt's. A lot of people swear by this though, so I may be the odd man out with these slight downsides.  I’ll also point out that I tried the stick version, as opposed to the cream which may give slightly different results.  A good option that I'd definitely recommend, but not what I'm currently using.

5. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream (In Citrus - $14)

This is the one that I’m currently using and LOVING.  It comes in a tin (as opposed to a stick) and has a cream texture (kind of strange at first, but I quickly got used to it.). I love this one for the scent alone - it's super light and fresh and (most importantly) sticks around all day.  I'll keep using this throughout the winter, and will report back once summer hits.

Now friends, what are your favorite natural deodorants? Any that I need to try next?

Sending love!