My first astrology experience.


First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY friends! Today I wanted to write a little bit about astrology, and my first experience with an astrology reading which was a game-changer.

To back up, I've always had an interest in astrology.  It all started with religiously reading my horoscope as my monthly subscriptions of Seventeen magazine arrived in our mailbox. While my interest faded over the next decade or so, in the past year, I've become more and more in-tune and focused on pursuing spirituality and connecting to myself on a deeper level.  

My hope from my very first astrology reading was to understand the different energies present when I was born, and how these energies might affect my perception of the world and others' perceptions of me -- struggles, fears, passions, strengths, and weaknesses. So, what did I learn from this experience, you might be wondering? A lot more than I thought. Let's get into it!

Our astrological charts are based on the day we were born, the time we were born, and our location.  I'm sure that most people know their sun sign -- the one that corresponds to your birthday.  What I didn't know (and soon became very clear during my reading!) is that everyone has more than one sign (i.e. there are additional signs other than the one corresponding to strictly your date of birth).  My sun is in Taurus, my moon is in Gemini, and my Ascendant sign is Pisces. Here's a little background on what this means (a lot of this is summarized from which is a great place to learn more!):

Sun Sign: The Sun sign defines your individuality. It guides your actions in skill development, professional career, competition and all forms of social interactions.  My sun is in Taurus -- typical characteristics are hard working, slow and steady/consistent, earthy and grounded, dependable, and comfort-loving (material things).  

Moon Sign: The Moon controls crucial organs like the heart, the brain, the liver etc. and even the flow of hormones in the body. This is the Sign which reveals the inner ‘you’, your fundamental emotions. It reflects the subconscious mind as well.  My Moon is in Gemini -- some typical characteristics are witty and charming, but also nervousness/worry and indecisiveness.  A true duality.

Rising Sign: The Rising (Ascendant) Sign represents how you are perceived by others. The initial impression that you make is also guided by this Sign.  My Rising Sign is in Pisces - impressionable, creative, artistic, intuitive, empathetic, governed by emotions.

Taking a step back to reflect -- it was really interesting for me to learn about the duality between the sun/moon/rising signs, and also explains why I haven't always fully connected with Taurus horoscopes that I've read -- because there's a lot of other energetic influences going on in my world!

We also talked about my Saturn return, which will start in 2020. What is a Saturn Return you may ask?  Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to complete one full orbit around the Sun and return to the same zodiac sign it was in when you were born. A person's first Saturn Return typically happens between ages 27 and 30.  Saturn is “cruel” to be kind. It breaks you down and makes you lift the heavy weights so you can get into fighting shape for the next phase of your life.  Also notable, depending on what "house" Saturn is sitting in, you may learn a different life lesson.  Pretty interesting stuff!

As we wrapped up our discussion, I learned about the current astrological transit in my chart -- it was exciting to learn that the next year will bring intense creative energy, passion and development (and this period won't happen again for another 12 years!). It's really cool to feel like I'm starting to set the stage now for what is to come in the future.  What an awesome thing to learn, and also pretty darn motivating.

Overall, I loved learning more about astrology and gaining more of an understanding of energies within myself, and how to work in harmony with them and not against them.  I've been reading more about it ever since and thoroughly enjoying it.

Have you ever had an astrology reading? I'd love to hear about it!  Any astrology books or websites you would recommend?

Sending love,