Wellness Wednesday - My current favorite workout leggings.


Hi gang! Today I wanted to pop back on the blog and share with you my favorite leggings for the types of workouts that I'm currently loving in this season of life - yoga, running, walking, and strength training.  

First, let me share with you what my must-haves for workout leggings are:

  • Are they squat proof? There is NOTHING worse than being at the gym or a class and realizing that your leggings are basically see-through.  Nothing! It's happened to me in the past, so now I do a quick (subtle) check in the dressing room or at home before taking my new gear for a spin in public.  Any leggings I purchase HAVE to be squat-proof.
  • Are they high waisted? I despise leggings that aren't high waisted.  They dig into my sides, are generally uncomfortable, and don't make me feel great about myself. Instead, I always look for high-waisted leggings to make sure that they suck me in at all the right places.
  • Does the fabric feel like a second skin? Fabric is tough to get right for leggings.  If it's TOO soft, you risk a see-through moment (see my first point above).  If they have TOO much compression, they're uncomfortable and feel too tight to me.  I like leggings that move with me and feel like a second skin.
  • Are they soft? Self explanatory, but I don't want thick itchy fabric.  Give me all the softness!
  • Are they available in a fun pattern? This is a somewhat flexible requirement, but I'm definitely maxed out on black leggings. So if I'm adding anything into my workout stash, I try to look for leggings with a fun print or details.
Tie-dye Athleta leggings.

Tie-dye Athleta leggings.

So let's get into my fav's.  Let me preface this with the fact that these options are definitely a little pricy.  HOWEVER, similar to my capsule wardrobe philosophy for all other areas of my wardrobe, I'd much rather spend a little more up-front and have leggings that last me for years (some of my pairs are two years going strong with weekly wear!).  All of these options check all my requirements, so I'm willing to save up and invest a little bit more!  I've purchased these options over the years (Athleta more recently), and still love them all.

Love the mesh cutouts in the colorblock tights.  My feet aren't this big IRL, I swear :)

Love the mesh cutouts in the colorblock tights.  My feet aren't this big IRL, I swear :)

These are my top two legging choices:

  • Lululemon Align (crop and full length): These are the SOFTEST leggings that I own.  The fabric is unparalleled to anything else I've ever tried.  Great quality that will last for years with weekly wear.
  • Athleta Colorblock Salutation 7/8 Tight: I love these leggings for more a compression feel (while still being very soft) and the fun mesh detailing.
  • Athleta Tie Dye Salutation 7/8 Tight: These are the same tights as the colorblock style, but in a super fun tie-dye print.  I thought I would end up returning these because they were too busy, but I actually am IN LOVE with them.  They go with all of my workout tops as well (which are primarily black).

I'm sure that I'll continue to branch out over the upcoming years and try different brands, but these are my current favorites that never let me down for running, weight lifting, and yoga.

What are your favorite leggings for working out? Let me know below!