Jinjur Drops - The herbal blend I've been trying!


Hello again lovely friends! Today I'm back with a local product that I'm super excited about - Jinjur drops!

Jinjur is an amazing, Boston-based brand which was founded by two impressive ladies (Katie and Ali) who have backgrounds in Chinese medicine and herbology.

Jinjur's herbal supplements are different from others on the market, in that the herbs are specifically designed to work synergistically together.  Typically, other supplements are made as single herbs (I.e. echinacea, spirulina), or as a combination of herbs that are generally considered to have a similar effect (I.e. digestive or "detox" teas).  Unlike other blends, the herbs in all of Jinjur's formulas draw on Katie and Ali's knowledge as professional herbalists to combine herbs in a thoughtful way that allows them to work harmoniously together.  In this way, the herbs can interact within the formula to enhance one another's effects, and create a formula that is more powerful together than each herb is alone.

Every formula has herbs in 3 categories: 

  • Powerhouse herbs that are the primary drivers of the change we're looking for
  • Secondary herbs that help to boost the powerhouse herbs' efficacy
  • Tertiary herbs that help to balance the formula and maximize efficacy

I tried the Wake Up Energy tonic, which contains these amazing herbs:

jinjur drops.png

I've been personally just putting two dropperfuls into my water bottle at the beginning of my day.  You all know that I've been cutting out coffee (except for maybe one time a week, and only on weekends when I'm naturally less stressed) and I've personally felt great using these drops! It definitely doesn't feel like a cup of coffee by any means after you use the Wake Up drops. The great thing (to me!) is that Wake Up works over time to support balanced energy.  You will have energy when it’s appropriate, and not when it’s not. Awesome!


I've recently been putting Jinjur drops into my morning smoothie as well! I like to call this my *Get up and Glow* smoothie blend, and it's delicious:

You all know I wouldn't share anything on my blog that I'm not genuinely enjoying in my daily routine, and these drops are awesome.  You can use code MUSINGS for 15% off your order if you're interested!

Have you guys tried these at all yet? If so, what one should I buy next?!

Sending love,