What I'm loving lately - March 2018.

Hi guys!

So March went by really, really fast.  Between my regular job as well as working on the blog/a fun project outside of work, it was really busy. But in the best possible way! Do you guys ever wake up on weekends, so excited that you can work all day on your passion project? That's how I feel every Saturday.  And even though it certainly is still work, it also feels prettttty darn amazing.  Today I wanted to share with you a couple things that I've been loving this past month, so let's get into it!


Noel Herbals Facial (Somerville, MA): Last year, I got a couple of facials in the Boston area.  After I had my toxic ingredient revelation (and completely reevaluated my entire makeup and skincare stash!), I realized that the products that were being used during my treatments didn't sit well with me anymore. Enter - Noel Herbal Skincare. If you are looking for an all-natural, green beauty facial in Boston, this is your place! I had such a wonderful and peaceful experience, and I can't wait to go back!  The photo above was taken in her beautiful retail space.  As a sidetone, if you are interested in learning more and just diving into wellness in general a bit more, The Wellness Project by Pheobe Lapine is an amazing place to start - it's a book that really kicked off my own personal wellness journey.

Books on books on books: I finished/read a lot of books this month.  Out of these three, I flew through The French Girl the fastest.  It's one of those stories that really hooks you in - I would say that it's almost a thriller (which is my favorite genre).  I also finished Little Fires Everywhere, and Everything I Never Told You. Celeste Ng is such a talented author, and I thought that both of these reads were amazing.  I would highly recommend any of these books, and I'm currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, so I'll let you know what I think of it!

Mixing up my workout leggings - This feels a little silly to be talking about, but I've solely worn black workout leggings/black shorts for FOREVER.  It was nice this month to add in a few new choices from Athleta, and more recently from Beyond Yoga.  They're just as comfortable as my lulu's and make it a little bit more fun to get dressed for workout classes.  Check out my post here for more details and the options I added in this month!


Jinjur drops: You guys know that I've only been drinking real coffee about once a week.  I've been drinking either four Sigmatic blends, or I've been adding in Jinjur drops "Wake Up" blend into my water.  I love that there's not a strong taste at all and that they have so many amazing herbs which are based in Chinese medicine.  I'll be doing a more in-depth post on Jinjur drops in an upcoming post, but suffice it so say that I'm LOVING this Boston-based company!  Use the code MUSINGS for 15% off your order at Jinjur shop.


COYO Coconut-based yogurt: I've been loving COYO as a dairy-free alternative to yogurt.  I love having yogurt bowls (especially on the weekends) for lunch - they're super easy and really filling. I love that COYO is vegan, doesn't have a ton of fillers, and is packed with healthy fats to actually fill me up.  I've been buying a few each week to mix up my yogurt bowls and really enjoying!


Dr. Hauschka Rose Natural Deoderant: You guys all know that I'm constantly searching for awesome natural deodorants (idk why really, I swear I'm not stinky enough that I need to constantly be searching!).  Well - this formula by Dr. Hauschka is ABSOLUTELY amazing, and I discovered it this month at one of my favorite stores - Cambridge Naturals.  It never smells weird, doesn't feel heavy, and almost feels moisturizing.  Definitely would repurchase (after I make my way through all of my different options hehe).

What have YOUR favorites been this past month? Let me know below!