The Excitement is Real - Strong Process Boston 4/8


Boston friends, today I want to fill you in on something that I am SO excited to share. You all know (well, maybe you don't, but making it clear now!) that I'm extremely committed to not sharing anything that I don't genuinely use in my daily life or feel a true connection to on my blog.  This blog is a safe space to share my musings on wellness, fashion, and life - as opposed to affiliate links and/or brands that don't mesh with my vision and overall vibe.  And rest assured that I'll always share with you if that changes along the way.

Well, Strong Process is a local Boston event that I'm SO excited to be partnering with and sharing on my blog.  Like, jazz hands excited level (nerd alert).  Before I dive in, I first wanted to let you know that if the mission of this Boston-based wellness forum resonates with you, I have a discount code for tickets that will get you $50 off - MEGHAN50!  With all that said - let's jump into the details!

So, what is the Strong Process Forum?

Strong Process is a unique wellness-based forum founded by Rachele Pojednic.  Over the years, Rachel has felt that unless you are in academia, or have a key to the ivory tower, you are left weeding through clickbait headlines throughout your wellness journey. Strong Process's goal is to provide the evidence (for better or worse!) behind wellness claims - researched by true experts - that will guide you to make informed decisions.


Who started this awesome event?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel Pojednic, P.h.D, MED last Friday.  Not only is she incredibly warm and fun to talk to, she is also an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Simmons College and a former research fellow at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard Medical School.  How amazing, right?

Rachel has been immersed in both the academic world of health and wellness, as well as the fitness industry for the past 15 years. She's a Specialized Women's Ambassador as well as an indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel Sports in Boston. She has been a consultant and writer for several organizations, including Self, Shape, Women's Health, Runners World, Boston Magazine, Joy Bauer and the Today Show and Huffington Post Healthy Living Blog.

When we chatted, Rachel was clearly SO passionate on combining her academic and "real-world" wellness communities. This is something that I deeply connect with - I work in Finance and definitely have a more moderate approach to wellness than some intense wellness protocols we see on blogs and Instagram nowadays. Honestly, I WISH I could be that immersed in wellness, but it's just not practical at this point in my life! So it feels like a breath of fresh air when people take it back to basics in the wellness space.

I had the pleasure of asking Rachel a couple of questions about Strong Process, that may be helpful to you if you're deciding to attend!

What are you most excited for about the forum?

I'm am totally thrilled to finally bring the two halves of my world together - health promotion research and fitness/wellness. It is beyond time for these groups to start communicating with each other in person so we can all move together like a force!

What do you hope people attending will take away?

Confidence. At the end of the day, I want everyone to leave with knowledge, skills, and tools that they can use as soon as they leave the Forum. I want people to have a conviction that the choices they are making are based on facts, not fear!

Do you plan to have more of these forums in the future?

YES! We have plans to run a monthly "symposium" with one key lecturer or panel based on a key tenet of health - MOVE, EAT, or REST. We also plan to have two larger Forum's per year -- one on the East coast and one amazing destination event on the West coast! 

How is the conference broken down?

Strong Process is broken into three broad categories: Move, Eat, and Rest.  Merging moderators from the wellness world and panelists deeply steeped in academia, I know that these conversations are going to be amazing.  I'm particularly most excited for Rest - something that I personally have trouble with (working a full time job and managing this blog!), and I'm hoping to bring back some awesome tips!


What's the schedule for the day?

8-9 AM - YOGA


9:30-11 AM - MOVE PANEL

11:15-12:45 - EAT PANEL

1:00-1:45 LUNCH BY DIG INN

2:00-3:30 PM - REST PANEL


Who is partnering with this event?

Guys, the list of partners for this event is what really sealed the deal for me.  They are all such amazing companies! And even cooler, if you attend, you can expect an amazing goodie bag filled with swag from these awesome brands! Some partners that stick out to me in particular are: Equinox, MacroBar (I eat these every week!), Healthaid Kombucha, Morning Glory Farms, and Itz Spritz. I'm just so impressed with this list!

If you're liking the sounds of this event and want to purchase a ticket with the discount code MEGHAN50, head to  And I also will have an exciting giveaway on my Instagram coming up in about a week, so DEFINITELY stay tuned for that! 

Also, feel free to email me at with any questions - I'd so love to meet up with you there and share in this wonderful experience!

Sending love (and excitement!),