Wedding series pt. 4 - Our Rehearsal

Hello lovely people! I wanted to jump back into recapping our wedding this Friday.  Today I want to talk about the week leading up to our wedding and our rehearsal dinner, and then we'll get into the big day in my final post in a couple weeks!

All photos (except us at the rehearsal practice) are by the lovely  Levana Melamed.

All photos (except us at the rehearsal practice) are by the lovely Levana Melamed.

The week leading up to our wedding:

Boy oh boy, guys.  If I were to do this over again, I would have flown home the Friday prior to our wedding.  Because Dan and I were planning our Pittsburgh wedding long-distance from Boston, we decided to fly home Wednesday morning prior to our wedding.  So I worked Monday and Tuesday, and I'll be honest that those couple days were full of frantic packing and were a *bit* hectic to say the least (think: picking up Dan's suit Tuesday night after the alterations were misinterpreted).  The amount of packing lists that we made for wedding items and our honeymoon necessities (we left for our honeymoon right after our wedding) were intense to say the least. All that to say, we flew out Wednesday early AM, and I was so happy to be home in Pittsburgh that afternoon (thanks to my brother for picking us up and all of our baggage!)

The Wednesday and Thursday prior to the wedding were a whirlwind of last minute decorations - a flurry of gold spray paint, calling vendors, getting rings polished, getting a spray tan, and packing cookies and wedding decorations for the venue.  And that doesn't even skim the surface - I stayed up later than I ever do in normal life or even in my going-out days, ha! By Friday afternoon though, we were all packed and ready to head to downtown Pittsburgh and check into the hotel. I totally couldn't have done it without my mom and dad, grandparents, Dan, Dan's parents, and my bridesmaids. Thank you all! 


Our rehearsal:

Our wedding was in downtown Pittsburgh, and we were staying at my parents' house in the suburbs.  So by Friday at 1PM, we were all packed up and driving to our venue to drop off our decorations, cookies, and all other necessities.  We drove downtown with a FULL car. After the drop-off, it was time to just relax (or at least try!) so I met up with my 'maids that afternoon to get our nails done. Post-nails, we headed back to our hotel to pick up my dress from my parents because it wouldn't fit in our car when we were packing (thanks Mom!).  Dan and I checked into our hotel suite, quickly unpacked, and then got ready for our rehearsal at the church! It was a blur!

It was a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR the day before our wedding, so we ubered the 2 blocks to where the church was from our hotel :).  I'm not going to lie - I was panicking about the weather, but the forecast for the next day was sunny skies and high of 70's. Then it was time to practice the ceremony in the church! The rehearsal itself was also a blur (although I was thankful that our pastor walked us through in such detail!) and the next thing I knew, we were finished and getting ready for dinner.


Our rehearsal dinner:

For our rehearsal dinner, we headed to Eleven in Pittsburgh for a wonderful meal.  My husband is dairy-free, and I was trying to eat as bland of a dinner as possible, because my stomach was acting up.  Even with some dietary restrictions, Eleven was the best venue EVER and the most accommodating.  I'm so thankful to Dan's parents for finding the perfect spot <3.  It was a lovely dinner full of toasts that made me laugh and also really reflect on what was going to happen the next day. It was one of those moments where you have everyone who is important to you in the same room and the feeling is just indescribable.  My heart was just bursting with gratitude and also excitement for Saturday!


By the time we left dinner, it was around 10PM.  I decided to head back to the hotel suite, and Dan stayed with one of his best men for the night.  I actually was able to fall asleep relatively quickly, but I have to say that I woke up at 3AM and almost couldn't go back to sleep because of nerves/excitement.  I texted my mom who immediately responded (thanks Mom!) and said to just take some deep breaths and I would definitely go back to sleep.  Next thing I knew, it was 6:30 AM and it was time to get up and get our suite ready for hair/makeup and girl time before the ceremony!


I'll be back with a recap of our wedding day in the next post <3.

Sending love!