Planning my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.


Hello lovely friends! I'm writing this during a serious Nor'easter - we're supposed to get 18 inches of snow in Boston.  AHH! So, no better time to think about our Spring wardrobes (note the sarcasm here)!  You all know that in my opinion, streamlining and decluttering our lives is just as important as feeding our body healthy food and making sure to exercise - it's KEY! I can't even tell you the amount of time and energy I save by conceptualizing a plan each season for my wardrobe. So with that in mind, I wanted to show you my inspiration for my Spring 2018 capsule wardrobe. 

There are a few key pieces that are missing from my Spring wardrobe (a great denim jacket for example) that I'd love to add, as well as a handful of other items to mix up worn-out go-to's.  I've summarized my picks below so check them out!  I'll include the links below and describe my choices a bit.  I also plan on ordering some of these pieces, so I will also update you one they come in!

Spring Capsule 2018

Spring Capsule - Tops: On weekends, I very rarely wear something other than a basic tee or jeans to run errands (unless I am going out at night).  So for Spring, I've included three of my favorite tees - the Madewell Whisper Cotton (definitely order a size down in these, at least!), a tee with a tie-front detail in a beautiful mauve color, my go-to striped button down tee, and a light blush sweater with tie-front detail.  I find a tie-front to be a super flattering fit for me, and I love that all of these options fit my color palette.  Here are the pieces below, or you can click the image above which will take you to Polyvore!

-> Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee (Ashen Silver)

-> Madewell Modern Tie-front Sweater (Heather Vanilla)

-> Madewell Modern Tie-front Top (Vintage Mauve)

-> Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee (True Black) 

-> Already own but will transition to Spring: Madewell Central Shirt in Erinn Stripe

-> Already own but will transition to Spring: Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee (Heather Mercury)

Spring Capsule - Layers: Spring in Boston is sooo unpredictable with the weather (as evidence by 18 inches of snow in March!), so having sweaters, jackets, and scarves to layer over my basics is critical!  I don't own a demin jacket, and I've always wanted one (especially now that I have black jeans and can avoid the jean-suit look!) so I've included it below.  I also picked a loose and flowy sweater cardigan, and multiple scarves.  I already own the surplus jacket below, and may just have to order the H&M cardigan - such a steal!

-> Madewell Jean Jacket in Pinter wash

-> Already own but will transition to Spring: Madewell Surplus Jacket in Foliage Green

-> I already own something similar, but this is such a great deal: H&M Rib-Knit Cardigan

-> Madewell New Forms Stiched Scarf (on sale!)

-> Ashby Twill Wool Scarf (in baby blue)

Spring Capsule - Bottoms: Bottoms just aren't exciting to me for the Spring, so I'm transitioning two of my favorite pairs for the warmer weather.  I wear both of these pairs of jeans in steady rotation each weekend, so know that they will work well.  I'm really favoring destroyed denim lately, and both of these fall into that category.

->Already own, but transitioning to Spring, Jamie Isolation wash Jeans

->Already own, but transitioning to Spring, Madewell high-rise skinnies in Black Sea

Spring Capsule - Shoes and Accessories: Because I keep my clothing picks relatively simple, I wanted to throw in some fun shoe options and accessories.  I love these tassel earrings sooo much, and gold hoops are a classic that I'll be able to wear forever.  I also thought that these sandals and Converse were fun and different.

-> Target Universal Thread slide-on sandals

-> Topshot cream Converse tennis shoes

-> Madewell Tassel Earrings

-> ShopBop Gorjana Gold Hoop Earrings

So there's my spring capsule wardrobe planning beautiful people! I ordered some of these items, so I will definitely do a follow-up post when they come in, and also when I fully transition over to my Spring capsule for 2018!

Sending love,