Three of my (current) favorite wellness podcasts!

Hi Friends! First of all I wanted to let you know that a) I'm sorry that this post is a little later than usual because b) I haven't been feeling well for the past month and in the next week I'm DETERMINED to kick this thing, so there will be less posts. Don't worry - I'll hopefully be back up and running the week after that!!

Today, I wanted to share three of my favorite health and wellness podcasts with you. I don't know about you guys, but I listen to podcasts more often than I do music nowadays.  Whether I'm commuting in the morning, or taking the T around Boston, I almost always am listening to a pod.  I love that I can educate myself on new-to-me topics while I'm doing these daily activities.  Check out three of my current go-to podcasts below, and why I love them!


The Balanced Blonde Podcast - Soul on Fire: Jordan Younger

I could (and do) listen to Jordan's podcast when I need a strong dose of spirituality, high vibes, and all things woo-woo and wellness.  Jordan is so warm and genuine, which radiates during her interviews with groundbreaking leaders in the wellness and spirituality world.  I appreciate how honest Jordan is with her own wellness struggles - she is the first to say that she doesn't have it all figured out - and I connect with that message so much.


One Part Plant Podcast: Jessica Murnane

I LOVE the One Part Plant Podcast.  I'd say in comparison to Soul on Fire, OPP podcast keeps it noticably grounded and realistic.  Jessica is no-nonsense (in the best way possible), and I love that she pushes her guests on pertinent issues. She often gives alternative viewpoints which leads to a more thought-provoking podcast conversion overall.  She also has amazing fashion sense. Definitely check her out!


Almost 30 Podcast: Krista Williams and Lindsay Simcik

I've gotten WAY more into the Almost 30 Podcast lately.  What I love about Krista and Lindsay is that they are just SO authentic and relatable.  I also love that oftentimes in their interviews, they are coming from a place of learning (and not teaching), which makes me feel like we are in the same boat together learning about someone/something new.  They're also hilarious which helps keep my interest throughout the whole episode.

So those are my current favorite podcasts! I would love to hear any other ones that I haven't listed out here that you are currently loving yourselves!

Sending love,