Orange Theory Fitness - My first class experience!


Guys! First of all - Happy Wednesday! I hope it's finally starting to feel like Spring wherever you are - knocking on wood that this weather sticks around for good in Boston.  Today I wanted to come back today with a post on a new (to me) fitness experience - Orange Theory Fitness.

Now, I know that Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) is kind of old news to a lot of people.  But, I've been wanting to try this class for SO long now! And when my blogger friend Liv (find her over at Style by Liv, she's amazing!) mentioned that the Woburn location was offering your first class for free, I decided it was the right time to go and check it out.

I'm not going to lie - I was a bit nervous about my first class.  First of all, I've been doing primarily yoga and some short jobs for workouts lately, and I knew that this class would be challenging. I also sometimes find new studios to be a bit standoffish, which makes me a little nervous to try a new class. I had the complete opposite experience at the OTF location in Woburn -- they were SO welcoming and just really genuine which was an awesome start to my experience.

If it's your first OTF class, you get set up with a heart rate monitor which is free for the first class, but then you have to purchase if you do decide to go back. They helped me put it on correctly, and then it was almost time for class! I love that the trainer for the day, Natalie, took me around the workout room before the class started.  She asked me a lot of pertinent questions about my training style, intensity level, and by the time we were done I felt fully comfortable and ready for the class!

OTF classes are driven by points and definitely have a bit of a (healthy!) competitive vibe to them. The goal of OTF is to keep your heart rate in the "orange" zone - this is what promotes the afterburn effect for up to 36 hours.  For every minute that you're in the orange zone, you earn what is called a "splat point." You want to get at least 13 splat points to get the optimal afterburner effect!

On the day I went to class, it was an endurance day, so I opted to start on the treadmills (the class divides about in half between the treadmills and the rowers/strength).  OTF operates with a base, push, and all out paces.  Although the treadmill portion was only about 20 minutes overall - man, did it get my heart pumping! We spent the majority of time running (or walking!) at our push pace - a pace that is slightly uncomfortable, but still maintainable.  By the last all out sprint (which was a minute long!) my heart was pounding, and I'd worked up an amazing sweat.

We then moved onto the rowers/strength potion.  And boy, the rowing machine was TOUGH after working up a sweat on the treadmills! We did some basic (but still intense) strength moves for two different sets.  And before I knew it, the workout was complete!  Based on my results email (love that they send this to you!) I burned 673 calories, and earned 27 splat points!  I set my Apple Watch to start at the same point as class began, and it registered that I burned 630 calories, so overall pretty consistent!

I SO enjoyed my first OTF experience, and I will definitely be back in the future (but only ever once or twice a week because this workout is INTENSE!).

Have you ever tried Orange Theory? What did you think?

Sending love,