Our Honeymoon Part 2 - Our first two stops in Italy!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I wanted to wrap up our honeymoon recap today.  I left off last Friday with our flight out of Santorini. Check out that post if you want to see what we did while we were in Greece!

After eating one last home-cooked Greek meal (seriously, at the restaurant that we went to, the owner took our picture before we left to put on the wall - so cute!), we headed back to the Santorini airport.  I mentioned it in my post last Friday, but the Santorini airport was chaotic and stressful.  But soon enough, we were on our way to Florence, Italy.  I was SO excited - I'd never been to Italy and had wanted to go for so long!  We landed pretty late that evening, so we made our way to our hotel and then headed out for a quick dinner.

Making the best of our long wait at the Santorini airport :)

Making the best of our long wait at the Santorini airport :)

Ugly picture, GREAT first dinner.

Ugly picture, GREAT first dinner.

We headed right back to our hotel after dinner, because we had a fairly early morning the next day.  We only stayed one night in Florence, so we woke up, packed our bags to leave downstairs at the hotel, and then got ready for one of my absolute favorite parts of our honeymoon - a wine tour through Tuscany.  We left ourselves about half an hour to walk to the meeting point of the wine tour - little did we know that we were heading to the wrong meeting place.  We realized when we had about 10 minutes to get there - so luckily we're both runners, because we started SPRINTING the other way.  We caught up with the group just in time - and I'm so glad we did because it would have been a shame to miss this!


You guys.  If you ever happen to be in Florence, definitely take advantage of Tuscan Wine tours! Our guide Claudia was absolutely amazing.  We stopped by three local wineries and each were between half an hour and an hour apart.  At each location we had home-cooked Italian pasta, bread, cheese, and WOW.  Paired with such good wine - it was truly incredible.  My favorite spot was our second stop, where they paired each tasting with homemade jams and cheeses.  I also truly loved getting to know all of the other couples on our tour.  We ended up ordering some bottles to ship home, and I'm SO glad we did.  This wine IS AMAZING.

By the time we were headed back to Florence, we were all SO sleepy from all the food and wine.  I took a quick nap, and next thing I knew, we were back in Florence! We walked back to pick up our bags, and then caught an Uber to the airport to pick up our rental car.  We were on to our next stop in Italy - Il Coccio in Barga!


We ordered a quick dinner on the night we arrived and then promptly fell asleep after a long day of wine touring and driving a couple hours on those windy Italian roads.  When we woke up the next morning, we were greeted with the most amazing view.  On our first day we decided to explore the small city which was close by - Lucca.  We walked around and I was so struck by the pace.  Everyone takes their time, and there's no rush or care in the world.  Pretty nice :). We grabbed a quick snack around 3PM - it's amazing to me that pretty much no matter where you go to eat in a small town like this, it's still absolutely delicious.  After that, we made our way to a cooking class that we had signed up for.


At first, our Chef seemed a bit quiet and stern. I was nervous, haha. But as the class went on - we realized how much fun and what a dry sense of humor he had! We absolutely loved our class with Chef Paulo - he taught us some great tips for baking bread (spraying the oven with a mist of water) and we also made focaccia (still think about this and how delicious it was), and 8 different pizzas.  Wow.  What an experience!  We ate SO much that night.


The next day was our final day at Il Coccio.  We went for a long walk, hung out by the pool (which was stunning!), and then ate our final dinner which was also absolutely delicious.


When we woke up the next morning, we packed everything up, and then started our drive toward Rapallo.  I'm going to break these posts up, because we still have two more stops in Italy to go!

I hope you enjoyed :). Have you ever traveled in Italy? Where did you go?