Our Honeymoon Part 3 - Our last stops in Italy!

Hi friends! Happy Friday.  I'm back with the final post in my honeymoon recap series!  Check out our adventures in Greece and our first stops in Italy.  Today I'm going to recap our last two stops - Rapallo and Rome.

After we had a relaxing morning at our hotel, we drove about 2 hours from Barga to Rapallo.  Driving in Italy was somewhat unnerving at times, but not too bad when we were on the highway (although I did get a little tired of the Italian radio station after awhile :)).  We pulled up to our hotel at Rapallo, and I immediately knew we were going to be a little out of our element...it was SO fancy! We felt a little peasant-like during our stay here - haha.


We had the whole afternoon to explore after we arrived.  First things first, we grabbed lunch (seafood and some wine) overlooking an amazing ocean view.  I absolutely LOVE the beach/ocean/water so this was like heaven for me.  Later that day we walked around downtown Rapallo.  There is a legitimate red carpet that makes a trail through the downtown area.  Not kidding - this is what I mean when I say we were out of our element. We found a cute little place for dinner, ate some more seafood, and then I had some gelato after before heading back to our room to sleep.  The gelato was SO good!


The next day we hopped on a water taxi and headed over to Portofino.  I say "hopped on a water taxi," which really means that we sprinted towards the water taxi and almost missed it, but managed to get on at the very last minute.  

I'll never forget Portofino - it was truly one of the most beautiful places that I've ever seen. Just simply breathtaking. We did a little window shopping and grabbed a quick lunch, and then headed back to the hotel to swim around the water which was right offshore of the hotel.  We grabbed some wine in our hotel, walked around downtown a little more, and then ate some pizza.  Not the most authentic Rappallo dinner, but still absolutely delicious.


The next morning we left relatively early to drive back to Florence, drop off our rental car, and then catch an Uber to the train station.  We had a lot of time to kill at the train station, so I ordered what I *thought* was going to be a normal coffee, but turned out to be this extravagent martini coffee drink. HA! We took the train from Florence to Rome - the ride was pretty long and very very hot. But so cheap!  By the time we made it to Rome, I was ready for some air conditioning.

When we got to our hotel in Rome we were SO pleasantly surprised.  It was such a cool design, had amazing food and snacks, and was also relatively cheap.  We sat down at the bar and grabbed a drink, and then packed all of the Rome sightseeing that we possibly could into an hour.  Next time I would definitely do more research, because by the end all of the ruins started to look the same...


After we checked off the historical sites, we went to dinner close to our hotel.  Guys - this pizza.  I will always remember this pizza.  I got a white pizza with potatoes and O.M.G - SO good! It was also really hot in the restaurant, so I attempted to cool myself down :).


We got back pretty late, and our flight was at noon the next day. But we knew we needed to see Saint Peter's Basillica - so we woke up super early, walked all the way there, and bought passes to get in early (so worth it).  And guys - this was hands down one of the most incredible things I've ever seen.  The atmosphere in the Basilica gave me chills, and we so thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring.  We unfortunately didn't have a ton of time, so we walked back to the hotel, ate a second breakfast, and then Ubered to the airport.  And then we were back to Boston! Such an AMAZING trip, and I'm so grateful that I got to see all of these amazing places.  And on a more cheesy note, there's no one else who I would rather adventure with!

Sending love!