Five favorite work snacks that I always keep on hand.

Hello friends! I really missed you last week - but good news, I'm back in action! I also wanted to fill you in on a little posting update -- I have another super exciting project that I've been hard at work on outside of Musings by Meghan.  So - moving forward - you can expect two posts each week! One on Tuesday and one on Thursday.  Maybe eventually once things calm down and I get into a rhythm I'll be back to three times a week, but two feels pretty darn good right now.


Ok - onto the more important topic! SNACKS.  I don't know about you guys, but there isn't one work day that goes by that I don't have a snack to tide me over until dinner.  We usually eat around 7-8PM, so going from noon to that time would just be WAY too long for me.  I always keep a variety of snacks on hand in my office desk drawer (yes...I'm definitely that girl), so I figured I'd share what I'm keeping on hand and loving right now!

Low-FODMAP Beef Jerky: I typically steer away from jerky, because I know that a lot of them have garlic and onion.  Which is why this option is an awesome snack to keep on hand and satisfies any savory craving I have. 

Oatmeal packets: Oatmeal doesn't usually strike me as a mid-afternoon snack, but sometimes it just really hits the spot, especially in the colder months. I love adding a spoonful of peanut butter, or the Aukalife energy blend (pictured above) as a mix-in to fill me up for the 3-4 hours before dinner.  


Purely Elizabeth granola: Granola is one of those foods that can easily become super high sugar and dense, which is why I love the Purely Elizabeth brand because there are only 6g per serving.  This stuff is SO good - I also love the chocolate flavor as well.

Rx Bars: If I'm in the mood for a bar, I absolutely love Rx bars.  They have minimal ingredients and are also super filling at the same time.  Love the peanut butter flavor out of the options that I've tried so far.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather: Sometimes I'm craving something sweet after lunch, and I love these fruit leathers for a sweet (but still healthy) treat.  I ordered these on Thrive and love keeping them on hand for after lunch or later in the afternoon.

Other things I always keep on hand: I always keep a jar of peanut butter in my desk drawer as well - usually Teddie's.  I also keep Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee blend for the morning, and their chaga blend for a pick-me-up if needed during the day.  I also always keep some sort of fruit at my desk (clementines, lately) to add on to any of the above snacks for when I'm really hungry.


Do you guys have any go-to work snacks? Would love to hear any recommendations in the comments below!

Sending love,