Three local Boston brands that I've been absolutely loving lately.

Hi friends! Happy Thursday - I hope you've had an amazing week so far.  It was my birthday this week, and I turned 27. I have some thoughts I need to process on officially being in my late twenties (AH!) so definitely be on the lookout for a blog post soon on that!

One thing I love about living in Boston is the amazing local brands that I have access to.  Whenever I'm able, I love to learn more and support local brands that jive with my passion for wellness.  Check out three local Boston brands that I'm currently loving below!


Aukalife: I first noticed Aukalife because of the absolutely beautiful and fresh Instagram feed. I definitely don't have a smoothie everyday, but I was craving an easy supplement that I could mix in, without having to keep 1,000 ingredients on hand. Aukalife is amazing because each blend is full of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals your body craves and is made with only all-natural, organic seeds, nuts, spices & plant-based superfoods from ingredients you've heard of! I also recently learned that Lauren, the Company's founder, currently makes each order by hand on the weekends. Boss status! I've tried all four blends - Detox, Recovery, Antioxidant, Energy.  I love mixing Detox and Antioxidant into smoothies, and energy into oatmeal.  Definitely check it out!


NuFudge: NuFudge was founded by two amazing women who were originally living in Tokyo (now in Boston!) and at the time, operating a raw vegan restaurant. It was impossible to find a dessert that would satisfy their sweet tooth as well as our passion for healthy living, so they decided to create their own! NuFudge is SO good and it's also free from dairy, soy, gluten, egg, white sugar, preservatives, and additives. They have amazing flavors - I was able to try most of them and I absolutely loved the peanut butter and sea salt fudge.  You would never know that this is a "healthified" version of your favorite summer beach trip treat.  If you're like me and need something sweet to end your day, definitely try this brand out!


Spindrift: I actually can't believe I haven't posted about Spindrift yet on the blog, because it's always in my fridge! Spindrift is based in Newton, MA, and it's SO different from any other seltzer water I've tried - it's made with real, squeezed fruit.  My favorite flavors are lemon and grapefruit! Some other brands I've tried taste artificial, and these taste like the real deal (because they only have two ingredients!).  I also love using these as mixers if I'm feeling creative or craving a cocktail.  They stock these at my local Trader Joe's, and I frequently repurchase.

Do you have any local brands that you're loving in your city? Let me know in the comments!