What I've been loving this May!

Hi friends! Happy Thursday :) It's another short week for me (going back to my alma mater for my 5-year college reunion), and I really couldn't be more excited.  It absolutely blows my mind that it's been five years, and this time I'm returning with my husband.  Say what??! It feels too adult. 

Today I wanted to share five things (plus a bonus!) that I've been absolutely loving this past May!


1. Cocokind MyMatcha all-over moisture stick. I absolutely love this purchase that I picked up on Thrive market in May.  I've been using this as a chapstick of sorts, and it's super moisturizing (and no, doesn't turn my lips green!) I also have used it on some dry patches that have popped up on my arms.  It's a great product, and a great price.  I purchased it on Thrive, but you can also find it at your local Whole Foods!


2. Josh Rosebrook Moisture cleanse. As I mentioned in this post, I absolutely LOVE this brand. I was extremely skeptical that an eco-friendly cleanser could remove my makeup as well as my beloved Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser.  WELL, I was wrong. The complete moisture cleanser removes my makeup just as well as conventional cleansers, and my skin never feels dry or stripped afterwards.  I started using the travel size, and I was so impressed that I recently also ordered the regular size.  I've used this morning and evening all month long.


3. Vital proteins matcha collagen powder.  I've heard SO much about collagen, but for some reason I hadn't yet pulled the plug to try it.  I was shopping for a giveaway on my Instagram, and I spotted this at Whole Foods and knew I needed to give it a go.  I love my Four Sigmatic Matcha, so I knew that this would probably be a winner as well.  I've found that I enjoy this in the AM's instead of coffee - it still gives me energy, but it's more sustained and not as much of a "jolt."  Definitely going to stay in my routine, and I'll keep you posted if I notice any difference from the collagen!


4. Sleep. This might sound like an obvious one, but for the past 5 years, I really haven't valued sleep as much as I should. There have been many times where I've been a) working, b) watching Netflix or Real Housewives, or c) pursuing my hobbies, when really I should be getting to bed.  I like to wake up early (like 5:30 early), so to get 8 hours, that requires getting into bed pretty darn early as well.  I'm still working on my sleep hygiene (isn't it SO weird it's called hygiene??), so definitely a topic for another post, but I've been finding that I need to cultivate an evening routine, just like I have my morning routine.  Stay tuned!


5. AM walks before work.  You all know that I really value my workout time - it's kind of the one time of the day that I dedicate solely to myself.  Usually I lift weights or go for a short run, but because I haven't been feeling 100% lately, if I'm working out, you can find me on a walk.  I really love that I can spend that time thinking/dreaming/visualizing before the day begins, while still feeling fully energized by the time I'm done (as opposed to being worn out like after a different kind of workout).  I definitely will be keeping this trend going in June!

Beck & Meg Mixtape.jpeg

6. BONUS - Our podcast! This is DEFINITELY where the vast majority of my energy over the past couple of months has gone (and May in particular!), and I'm just beyond excited about it. I started this passion project with my wellness parter in crime, Becky, and couldn't be more excited about it! Detox & Chill Podcast is based locally in Boston, and it's our mission to share how we pursue our passion for wellness while balancing our real-world corporate jobs.  No topic is off limits - we aspire for authentic conversations with each of our guests. We hope you'll join in the fun and check us out on our website and Instagram! 

I hope that each of you has had an absolutely wonderful May.  Did you have any favorites this month? Let me know below!