Midyear Goal Check - Thoughts & some perspective.

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to mix it up a little bit and do a written reflection and check-in on some intentions I set at the beginning of this year.  It's definitely new for me to check in on personal intentions and hold myself accountable, but I think it's SO important when you have personal/professional goals even outside of your normal "day-job," whatever that might be!  In the past I've certainly fallen prey to setting New Year's resolutions, going hard for a week or two, and then completely forgetting about said goals for the rest of the year. *Yikes*.  So this year I tried something a little bit different, and started the year by reading The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte.

Let's back up a bit. At the beginning of 2018, I was still in a transitional state and hadn't slowed down.  The holiday months leading up to the New Year were crazy (starting a new job, travel plans, etc.), and I was coming off of one of the busiest years of my life.  So as I mentioned above, over the holiday break, I made the choice to read The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte (which I actually initially reviewed here). Just as a forewarning if you're interested in picking it up (and I definitely recommend it) - this book can be a little woo-woo and out there at times BUT it helped me to get really clear on how I wanted to FEEL in 2018.  This is such a different approach than I've taken in the past - using aspirational feelings as opposed to lofty goals.


To make a long story short, when I boiled down how I wanted to feel in 2018, I landed on five key words (and also some intentions from those goals).  I wrote these words on a bright-pink post-it note and stuck it on our bathroom mirror, so I would see it consistently (kind of scary & kind of awesome).  The post-it reads something like this:

  • Soul - have a stronger spiritual practice.
  • Spark - brainstorm what's next in career/grow my blog and Instagram in a tangible way.
  • Radiance
  • Honor
  • Connection - connect with like-minded individuals.

With that being said, let's reflect on each of these statements and check-in with myself on how I'm doing.

  • Soul - I definitely have a lot of room to improve.  I started off strong with yoga once a week from about January - March, and then I got sick and exercise/movement/spirituality took a back seat.  Travel oftentimes throws me a for a loop because weekends are the only time that work in my schedule at the studio close to me.  In the second half of 2018, I want to set aside 5-10 minutes in the day for meditation (4-5 days a week to start out), and incorporate yoga once a week if I'm in town.  This feels doable to me. One specific thing I'm extremely excited about is taking a course through my friend Cameron Simcik on turning inward and being in-tune with myself.  I'm hoping that this course will light a fire in me that will burn the rest of the year.
  • Spark - I feel the *spark* for SURE.  I've found a hobby outside of work that inspires me and motivates me more than I thought possible.  I love this wellness space, and I'm so excited to continue to grow and develop.
  • Radiance - To be honest, in retrospect, I think that this word could fall of the list.  Danielle LaPorte does a great job of providing some strategies to hone in on very specific words and what they mean to you, but radiance doesn't speak to me the way the others in my list do.  I'm going to remove it moving forward, so I save the space for the meaningful words on my list.
  • Honor - I really wanted to focus on honoring myself first this year.  Honoring when I wanted to tap out for the night, even if it wasn't the *cool* thing to do.  Honoring when I needed rest, honoring when I needed more time for myself, and honoring when I needed to get something off my chest.  I think an area that is difficult is in building a brand and also starting a podcast (!!!) and feeling like you need to show up and be present so consistently, but I do think that I've found a good balance where at least once a week, I'm going for a hike (my most potent form of self-care), doing a face mask, and/or reading with my phone on airplane mode.  These little things add up and fill my tank.
  • Connection - I actually am so proud to say that through the launch of our podcast (shameless plug - go subscribe if you haven't already!!) I've made the most amazing connections through genuine, present conversations.  Even though we record at the end of a long day at work, I always leave feeling energized and refreshed. There's no better feeling than connecting with like-minded people, and I've been SO encouraged by the Boston wellness community. I'm so inspired to see where this goes in the future, and hopefully you guys will stick around for the ride!

All in all, I'm proud of myself. I definitely will be using this intention setting process moving forward, because I can honestly feel the changes that these words have made in my life. I hope that this reflection was helpful in some ways.  I'd love to hear any goals or intentions you had for the new year and how you feel you are doing with them -- let me know in the comments below!

Sending love,