Staying SIBO-free - My journey.


Hi my loves - today I'm back again with an exciting post about my SIBO journey.  If you've been with me for a couple of months now, you'll know that I've struggled with a multitude of digestive issues in the past as a result of SIBO.

Recently, I went back to the doctor to get re-tested (via a breath test) for SIBO. IT WAS NEGATIVE!! *Start dance party celebration*  So, today, I wanted to take you through my treatment journey, and the things that I'm currently doing to stay SIBO-free.

Meal spacing: This is something that I haven't mentioned on this blog, but I've found great success with meal spacing - meaning, eating 3-4 hours apart and not grazing throughout the day. I used to be a snacker as opposed to meal-eater, but I find that ensuring I have time between meals actually lets the "sweeping" mechanism in my gut do its job. One thing I've also tried to start doing is eating an earlier dinner - eating around 6:30PM as opposed to 8:30PM like I used to do.  That way, by the time I eat breakfast the next morning around 7:30, my body has had plenty of time to digest and recover.  Obviously sometimes this is hard depending on personal obligations after work, but I try my best when I can!

Natural Calm: I've said it before, and I'll say it again - using a product like Natural Calm every night before I go to bed has made a WORLD of difference in how my stomach feels overall. Staying regular is extremely important to make sure those little SIBO bacteria bugs aren't able to grow and multiply in your gut.  Sometimes I'll also use Miralax to make sure I clear everything out (usually only a couple times a month), and I find it to be pretty gentle on my system. Is this TMI? Maybe, but it works, so I'm sharing :).


A "loose" Low-FODMAP diet (especially if my stomach pain flares up): You all know that I I've strictly followed the low-FODMAP diet, but I've made it more flexible for me over the past couple of years by avoiding my big triggers (garlic & onions) and other foods that I know make me react poorly.  I also have found that eating primarily gluten and dairy free has SERIOUSLY helped my gut (I am technically lactose-intolerant, so don't really have any business eating dairy anyways). I don't stress it, and it's a preference more than a life-or-death decision, but eating this way has helped me to stay SIBO-free.


Kombucha & Probiotics: I take a probiotic pill every morning, and drink kombucha every day as well. We all have heard this before - but I've found that rebuilding my base of GOOD gut bacteria has really REALLY helped the keep the SIBO-causing bacteria at bay.

One of my favorite walks in Newport, RI <3.

One of my favorite walks in Newport, RI <3.

Strollin'&nbsp;through Somerville :)

Strollin' through Somerville :)

Intuitive movement: As an over-exerciser in the past, I've found that my stomach has calmed down when I focus on moving more gently and intuitively.  I used to ONLY do intense workouts, because nothing else "counted" in my mind.  I truly believe that backing off BIG TIME has allowed my gut to heal and clear my SIBO.  I now favor walking and yoga over training for a hard-core half marathon.  This is definitely not to say I won't do one again, but I'm really feeling the benefits in my body.

I hope that these tips were helpful for anyone out there that may be dealing with SIBO.  If you ever want to chat always feel free to email me - I know how tough it is!

Sending love,