Breaking up with my Apple Watch // Weekend Update

Hi friends -

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you all had wonderful weekends and enjoyed some R&R and the beautiful weather.  We just got back from my 5-year (say WHAT?!) college reunion, which was an absolute blast. It was so amazing to see so many people - it just really takes you right back to college. It was also a wonderful experience to go back with my husband, Dan who also went to Bucknell and share the experience together (and even pregame in our dorm room ;)).  I loved seeing all of the changes to campus (even within the five years since I've been there) and visiting my old spots.  There's really nothing like Bucknell, and I'm so grateful I got to go back.

Today I wanted to talk about Fitness Trackers and how my relationship has recently changed with my Apple Watch over the past two months.  First thought - what a funny world we live in to need something like a fitness tracker to make sure we move enough throughout the day.

Fitness Trackers aren't new to me - I've worn a FitBit for many years in the past (and always tried to get my 10K steps a day!), and this year switched to an Apple watch. Overall, despite some moments of worry that I hadn't met my goal for the day, I've enjoyed being more aware of how much I'm moving during the day.  With that being said, you all know that over the past couple of months that I've struggled with a sinus infection/generally not being as active as I normally am.  Even though I knew that physically I needed a break, I found myself checking my Apple Watch to see if I'd "met" my goal for the day.

Guess what? Most days I definitely did not meet my goal, because I was resting and recovering. And having that constant reminder of how my lifestyle had changed proved to be tough -- I found that my Apple Watch constantly reminded me of how I wasn't moving "enough" through notifications.  (Side note -- who even defines "enough"?? How is 10K steps or a certain calorie goal "enough"??). I got fed up.


So - for the past couple of months - I haven't worn my watch.  And I feel really REALLY good about this decision.  Instead of actively trying to accumulate exercise minutes or hit a "goal" for the day, I'm trying to move more intuitively.  What that's looked like for the past couple of months is walking instead of running. Occasionally strength training. A lot of rest and focusing on recovery and sleep.  And upon reflection of the past couple of months, I feel like I'm much more in-tune with myself and my body when I'm not relying on an electronic device to tell me that I can finally relax for the day.

This isn't to say that I won't use my watch again -  I definitely will.  I enjoy being able to run without using a running app, see when I get text messages, and be aware when I haven't moved enough for consecutive weeks in a row.  But all this to say - I'll likely be taking longer breaks from my watch in the future. And that feels really good to acknowledge!

I'd love to know - have you ever needed to take a break from your fitness tracker?