Three new (to me) podcasts that I'm obsessed with.

Hi fam! Hope your week is going well.  I feel like I start these posts in the exact same way every single time - sorry about that - but it's true! I really do hope that you're having a wonderful week :)

Today I wanted to fill you in on THREE new (to me) podcasts that I've been absolutely loving lately.


1. Wine & Shine Podcast: JUST changed to "Find Your Shine Podcast!" These ladies are SO relatable.  I love their banter back and forth - you can tell how genuine their friendship is, and I love their curiosity in their questions. Spoiler alert - Beck and I will be on their podcast coming up, so definitely stay tuned! We also had the chance to meet them at The Goodfest, and they were JUST as amazing in person.

2. WANTcast podcast: Katie Horwich is totally #girlboss goals.  As a former LA-based lady, she moved to NYC and built an impressive business in a completely new city.  As a frequent speaker at events, she focuses her episodes on negative self-talk, and how to best avoid it.  I love how thoughtful each episode is - she clearly spends A LOT of time carefully selecting her guests and that effort shows through the meaningful conversations.  You need to check this one out if you're interested in health and wellness from a realistic perspective.

3. My Favorite Murder: YOU. GUYS. OMG. This podcast.  I didn't listen for a long time, because I was skeptical that the comedian hosts could talk about murders in a way that respects the victims. Well, let me just tell you that Georgia and Karen do the BEST job, and I'm COMPLETELY addicted.  If you love true crime, you definitely need to check this one out.  You're welcome in advance :).


SHAMELESS PLUG - I'm 1/2 of a recently launched podcast called Detox & Chill.  Go check it out, and if you get a second, rate and review because it helps us so much <3!

Alright. That's all I've got today :) What are your current favorite podcasts?