On feeling Stuck...


A couple of weeks ago, I had the absolute *pleasure* of attending the Almost 30 Podcast Tour event.  That makes it sound easy though - let's back up to the day leading up to the event. It had been a long and stressful day at work, and there were SO many times that I thought about just bailing. I was going by myself. I was scared. I didn't feel like driving home and taking the T.  Let's just say that I had a LOT of excuses, but to be completely honest, I think that a lot of the excuses stemmed from fear of the powerful thing that was about to happen. I'm so grateful that despite all of these internal excuses, I still was PULLED to attend this amazing event. So I left work a little early, hopped on the T, and headed downtown.

I knew once I arrived that I was in the right place. During the event, Krista and Lindsey gave us the opportunity to sit in small groups, to really connect (face to face) and share how we were feeling stuck in our lives.  And OH MY GOODNESS, did this message/feeling hit HOME for me. This past year has been one of immense growth, but while I've been IN IT, it's been really easy for me to feel completely trapped, without a light at the end of the tunnel.  It's been easy to be like - WTF am I doing?

Guys, we ALL feel this way in some area or another. As I listened to each powerful/inspiring woman in my group share her struggle, it hit home that EVERYONE, seriously EVERYONE is going through one area of their life where they feel stuck and are struggling. Whether it be work, romantic relationships, friendships, family, body image, current living situation - everyone is going through something (which is why you should always be kind, but we'll save that for another post).


I don't know that I can offer any "tips and tricks" to get unstuck - but I was compelled to write this post in case you are feeling the same way. In case you're feeling like the only one who "doesn't have it all figured out." It's okay to be "stuck" in your journey.  It's okay to still be learning/evolving/growing and slowly figuring things out. You still have time.

Being in that group of incredible #Almost30nation women lit me up in a way that I didn't know was even possible.  I felt connected and assured that even though I wasn't sure where the future would take me,  I could be surrounded by a supportive community that feels me on a deep level.  I left the event not feeling like I had 100% of the answers, but that I was supported and encourage.  And guess what. I'm SO glad I went.

In that vein, I'd love to know - Have any of you felt "stuck" recently? I'd love to connect and share and help each other work through as a community <3.