My first Acupuncture Session - Here's what you NEED to know!


Hi guys! What a weekend :) I wanted to share the magical experience I had on Saturday with you - my first ever acupuncture appointment. I was lucky enough to go to Root + Sky wellness in East Boston for this new experience. I talked a lot on my Instagram stories (@musingsbymeghan) about how I was feeling before, during, and after the session, but I also wanted to share on the blog.  Let's get into it!

Before the appointment, I was feeling a little bit nervous, but mostly excited.  I've never been especially freaked out by needles, but was still a little hesitant if anything would hurt.  I kept it simple getting ready, and I wore shorts and a t-shirt so that she could have easy access to my legs/stomach/arms if needed.  I ate breakfast, packed my bag, and headed out around 9AM on Saturday to East Boston.  I loved that there was easy parking at Root + Sky -- for any other fellow Bostonians, you FEEL me on the parking struggle.  When I walked in, I had the absolute joy of meeting Stef, who's the owner of Root + Sky.  She has such amazing energy, and I felt immediately comfortable and relaxed in her capable hands. 


I got there a little bit early to fill out the detailed medical summary (just like at a new doctor's appointment) - I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was immediately apparent that acupuncture is a serious form of medicine.  We went through ALL of my prior/current health issues, she checked my tongue (so interesting!), and she chose the appropriate needling points from our conversation.  She also explained that she was going to focus on a "gu qi" -- which is the basis of qi throughout the entire body. She focused on moving this energy throughout my body to help assuage the digestive symptoms I struggle with (mainly stomach cramping) as well as fatigue.

Next, Stef quickly placed the acupuncture needles over my energy meridians - and I totally couldn't feel it.  I had needles in my forehead, ear, legs, stomach - and the only one that I was aware of was the ones in my calf (but even then, they totally didn't hurt!).  She turned on some relaxing music, put a warming light over my stomach, and I felt SO relaxed and even drifted off to sleep.  By the time she returned about 20 minutes later, I felt a little "heavy" but other than that, I was super comfortable.  She removed the needles, and then it was time for a little cupping! I've never done cupping before, and was also worried it would hurt (sense a theme :))?  It totally didn't - there was some tension, but once the cups were released, my upper back felt better than it has in a LONG time.  The cool thing about cupping is that the darker the marks, the more toxins there are.  My upper left shoulder was MUCH darker than any other area - Stef explained that makes sense because we tend to hold stress in particular areas of the body.


We wrapped up, she let me know to drink a ton of water and keep my back covered, and I got dressed for the day. I seriously can't say thank you enough to Stef for this amazing first acupuncture experience. I will DEFINITELY be back - and if you're in Boston, check out Root + Sky <3.

Have you ever tried acupuncture? What benefits have you noticed from consistently going?