FIRST Soundbath Experience - Corinne Feinberg @ the Om Namo Center.

Photo from the lovely Corinne - check her out at www.  and  @pathlighthealing .

Photo from the lovely Corinne - check her out at and @pathlighthealing.

Hi guys - today I wanted to recap one of the most interesting/altering/shifting experiences I've had in a LONG time.  

I originally connected with the lovely Corinne Feinberg for the podcast podcast, and after we chatted, she sent me the link of a Full Moon Soundbath that she was offering in a couple of weeks.  I've never experienced a Soundbath before...but it sounded right up my alley (and in line with the way my Saturday nights go nowadays -- #partyanimal.)

Dan and I both were interested in going (I may or may not have convinced him...), so we arrived at Om Namo Center in Cambridge (which is seriously SO beautiful) and got set up on our mats.  We grabbed blankets and pillows, and got ready to settle in for two hours.  When I initially heard that the Sound Bath was two hours, I was concerned...I've never really sat in stillness that long, but figured I was up for the challenge to give it a go.

I'll be honest - I really didn't know what to expect.  I knew that a Soundbath involved crystal bowls, but I didn't know what feelings/emotions were going to come up.  Corinne instructed us on how to get oriented ourselves in the room (feet closer to the bowls for grounding, head closer to the bowls for connection with source) and she gently guided us into the session with a verbals meditation. After some time, the session progressed into solely the sounds of the crystal bowls and the vibrations filling the room.

Photo from the lovely Corinne - check her out at www.  and  @pathlighthealing .

Photo from the lovely Corinne - check her out at and @pathlighthealing.

I found that I fell into a deep meditation at first (of course, my mind still wondered - something I work on!), but at a certain point I completely lost sense of time and space and drifted off *somewhere else*.  I had a couple things come up - the fear of feeling like I was falling, and I also felt my heart open WIDE at a certain point (seriously, this energy was unlike anything I've experienced). Even though the session was two hours, it honestly could have been fifteen minutes.  That's how zoned out I was :).

Corinne wrapped up the Soundbath by playing each crystal bowl individually, and explaining how each one correlated to our chakras.  I thought it was really interesting how some tones I LOVED, and some made me feeling somewhat uncomfortable.  When Corinne played them individually and explained which energy center in our bodies that they related to, it was crazy to me to connect the dots.

We ended the evening with a lovely cup of tea and a quick chat with Corinne (who is the most RADIANT ball of light ever. She's a joy!) and then went home for the rest of our Sunday night.

Honestly - it was such an amazing experience. I definitely will be back to take part again and see what else comes up.  I also realized how it's SO important that we take time for ourselves in the midst of a busy week/month/year to regroup, meditate, and check in. I felt so connected afterwards, and yet there's still so much to work through.

Have you ever experienced a Soundbath? I'd love to hear your personal experience, as I continue to work through mine.