It's Popsicle Season - Easy Recipe!


Friends! Today I'm coming back to the blog with a super easy popsicle recipe! I was lucky enough to be sent these popsicle molds from Koji to try, and I was so excited to give them a spin as soon I received them a couple of days ago! I am REALLY stringent with how many kitchen implements we keep on hand. And in such a small apartment, I have to be really picky.  Making space for these molds was an easy choice, because I knew that I would definitely put them to use frequently!  The recipe is SUPER easy (as easy as making a smoothie), so I wanted to share with you below.



  • Bag of organic frozen strawberries
  • Bag of organic frozen raspberries
  • 1 container of dairy-free Kite Hill yogurt
  • Almond Milk (as much as needed!)

Blend all of the ingredients in a Vitamix blender until smooth (or leave some chunks if you're feeling crazy!).  Pour the smoothie mixture into the Koji molds (you'll likely have some leftover that you can reserve as a delicious smoothie!) 

I love keeping these popsicles on hand, especially after long, hot summer runs. Dan loves them too. Definitely give this recipe a go if you love popsicles, but are looking for less added sugar!


Cheers to more frozen treats this summer! What's your favorite summer frozen treat? Mine used to be a choco-taco - oh, how times have changed!