Why I'm drinking coffee again - If it works for you, it WORKS.

Hi guys! Happy Monday :) Monday is definitely the hardest day of the week (for me personally), so I love that I get to share some content with you guys on this day.  Makes the day a LOT better for me! I had a lovely (seriously, it felt SO good) vacation last week -- Dan and I traveled home to spend time with our families, and also got to celebrate with some of our good friends at their WEDDING in Ohio! We had an absolutely amazing time...and also even got to stay in a treehouse for a night (I KNOW - it was actually crazy!). I know that there was a down week without a post because I was soaking in the down time, but never fear - I'll be back on my weekly post schedule now.

We were up there. OMG!

We were up there. OMG!

Anyways, today I'm back with a quick reflection on something that I'm incorporating BACK into my routine after cutting it out for awhile.  Can you guess?


That's right, COFFEE! About a year ago, I cut coffee completely out of my life for about 7 months (!!) — aside from the times I happened to be in a favorite coffee shop on the weekend. To be fair, I had definitely abused caffeine in the past with a hectic job that required a work-hard, play-hard attitude -- and I couldn't sustain working past 10PM consistently without a caffeine hit.  Before I knew it, over the course of four years in that position, I was drinking a LOT of coffee. So, when I started a new job about a year ago, I made a pact with myself to give my body a bit of a reset and cut coffee out. I replaced it with some awesome alternatives that I still absolutely LOVE (Four Sigmatic!), but something just wasn’t quiteeeee the same compared to the real deal.

At first when I went cold turkey (which I honestly wouldn’t recommend…ease out of it!!), I got really bad headaches.  I felt EXHAUSTED. I didn't have that "buzz" that I was so used to in the morning to get started with work for the day. But soon, these feelings/withdrawal symptoms leveled out.  I felt more "normal" with my caffeine consumption, and I felt like I could have ONE cup of coffee and feel fine.

And so, these past couple of months...I've been doing just that and making myself a cup of coffee in the morning. I LOVE iced coffee and cold brew. I SO missed that part of my routine in the morning -- and I really wanted some. So....I started making some for myself to enjoy again. And guess what? I felt ok. I didn't feel intense anxiety or serious jitters. I felt GOOD that I was honoring what I genuinely enjoyed/appreciated in that moment. I didn't feel like need to drink 10 iced coffees. I had one and was super content and happy (and my stomach still felt great, too!)

I guess what I'm trying to say (to quote the lovely Katie Horwitch) - if it works for you...IT WORKS. I think it's realllllly easy in this wellness-obsessed world we live in to get sucked into thinking that we need to cut out x, y, & z to feel "better." And while a certain approach might work AMAZINGLY for someone else, that doesn't mean it will work for you -- and it doesn't have to. Sure, I definitely needed a bit of a caffeine "detox" after I became too reliant on it to get me through my work days. But now? I drink a reasonable amount, and I am completely in love with the routine of savoring my morning coffee. So why would I give it up?


I guess what I'm trying to say is that YOU know yourself best. It's so challenging to filter through all the noise of what everyone else is doing, but don't feel like you need to participate in every single wellness trend/belief if it doesn't feel right for YOU. Do you guys ever struggle with this? I'd love to know your thoughts!