My most recent Thrive Order (and products that I always restock)!

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Hi friends! I hope you had an amazing weekend. We had an awesome podcast listener workout at SweatFixx for the podcast and we had a great turnout despite the weather. I always get a little bit nervous when it comes time for the event that it will just be our husbands participating, but I’m always blown away by the number of people who come. Thank you to anyone who did!

With a seamless transition (as per usual), I’m back this week to tell you about my Thrive Market staples and what my last order included.

If you haven’t heard of Thrive Market, I have a pretty detailed blog post about my first order but in case you don’t want to jump back…Thrive Market is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to members at wholesale prices. Thrive is $60 to join for a year after your first month of a free trial.  At first I was skeptical that I would actually be saving enough money to make up for the $60 annual fee, but my free trial is almost over and I'm definitely going to extend it...I love it! I’ve also definitely seen some major cost savings for healthy staples that I always like to keep on hand.

I love seeing what others purchase from my favorite stores (maybe there is a Trader Joe’s haul post in my future…) so let’s get into my most recent order, and other favorites that I love to keep on hand!

1 // Fourth & Heart Ghee ($11.49, typically $12.99): This is hands down, the best ghee that I’ve ever tried. If you’ve never heard of ghee, and are sensitive to lactose like I am, you may want to do some more research. Ghee is clarified butter, and the straining process removes essentially all of the lactose in the butter. I'm obsessed with the Pink Himalayan Salt version, and I recently ordered the vanilla bean version to try (perhaps in baking? who knows). Would highly recommend and this pricing is WAY cheaper than Whole Foods so I tend to stock up.

2 // Primal Kitchen products ($4.99, typically $5.99): I always order the unsweetened ketchup every time I place a Thrive order (and I honestly can’t go back to Heinz unless I’m out to eat at this point…I truly can taste how sweet it is!). I also love to stock their dressings (particularly the Cesar and the Honey Mustard Avocado Oil) so that I have them on hand for salads.

3 // Lesser Evil products ($3.29, typically $4.39): I am obsessed with the Himalayan Sweetness popcorn, and I also love the “gold” version, ghee version, and basic Himalayan salt version. Lesser Evil is an amazing brand and I love their snack foods (because let’s be honest, I always crave a snack at work and it’s great to keep a healthier option on-hand!).

4 // Organic Coconut Milk ($1.99, typically $3.99 per can): I love putting coconut milk into my coffee or Four Sigmatic blends, and I find it so much cheaper on Thrive. The Thrive Market brand itself is really solid across the board (including their pasta sauces!).

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5 // Paper Products & Beauty ($2.79, typically $4.09; $6.99, typically $14.99): These basic staples are also discounted on Thrive which is amazing. I picked up organic cotton swabs as well as a pack of chapsticks (which I always lose). I’m super picky with chapstick, and I absolutely love this flavor // texture.

6 // Feminine Products ($3.69, typically $3.99): Enough said here, but I order organic tampons and pads from Thrive Market. Love that you still get a discount.

7 // Primal Kitchen Beef Thins ($4.99, typically $6.99): These are a new-to-me product, but highly recommended by a coworker. Based on the description from Thrive, Primal Kitchen Beef Thins have the tempting look of jerky and the satisfying crunch of a chip, and are made from 100% grass-fed beef free of antibiotics and added hormones.

8 // Organic Vanilla Bean: ($11.49, typically $14.99): Kind of a random purchase, but I really wanted to get some pure Vanilla Bean to use for making our own dairy-free ice cream (which deserves its OWN post), and also some lattes at home. Will keep everyone posted on how this is!

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Now let’s get into the items that I have purchased/repurchased in the past!

9. Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement Drink (Original Price: $23.95, Thrive Price: $12.99)// This formulation includes vitamin D, boron, and vitamin C to assist in the assimilation, distribution and utilization of calcium. I drink this religiously every night, so it was a no brainer to stock up at this price. It also keeps me regular, which is so key for my gut-health!

10. Stretch Island Fruit Leathers (Original Price: $4.99, Thrive Price: $2.79) // My husband LOVES these for dessert, and even as a chocolate lover, I have to admit that they are pretty darn delicious as well.  I stocked up because this was a great price!

11. Tom's Simply White Toothpaste (Original Price: $5.99, Thrive Price: $4.29) // We ran out of this toothpaste, and I really like this brand as a natural alternative to the Crest I used to use.  

There are honestly so many amazing brands on Thrive that these recommendation only scratch the surface. I’d love to hear what products that you love from Thrive so that I can add to my cart.

Sending love!